ENTERING THE KINGDOM: Meditation and The Inner Path of Spiritual Rebirth

A Five Part Online Course for Latter-Day Saints

Here is What We Will Cover in the Course..

    Session One:  “Meditation and The Inner Path to the Kingdom”

    • What and Where is The Kingdom of God?
    • What exactly is Meditation and Why is it Necessary for Spiritual Rebirth?
    • What are the benefits of meditation?
    • What does it mean to Pray IN God vs TO God?

    Session Two:  “The Kingdom vs. The Natural Man”

    • How is the “natural man” the veil of forgetfulness and what does it mean to be sanctified?
    • What are the major obstacles to spiritual rebirth and entering the Kingdom?
    • What is the big deal about Present Moment Awareness?
    • What does it mean to be Awake?
    • Guided Meditation: “Passing Through The Eye of the Needle”

    Session Three:  “The Mystery of Oneness With and In God”

    • Was Jesus a Mystery teacher?
    • What are the essential Mysteries and what are the veils that blind me to them?
    • What are some methods for “glimpsing” the true nature of my soul?
    • What does it mean to see God “face to face”?
    • What is the Mystery of The Atonement?
    • Guided Meditation: “The Infinite Nature of Space”

    Session Four: “Meditation:  Establishing A Core Practice”

    • What are the practical methods and principles for a fruitful meditation practice?
    • What are the perspectives and attitudes that will empower my practice?
    • What are the common obstacles and how can I move past them?
    • How do I manage intrusive thoughts? Can my mind really be still?
    • How can I assess the effectiveness of my practice?

    Session Five:  “Contemplative Prayer for Latter-Day Saints”

    • What does it mean to Contemplate?
    • Are the Second Coming parables relevant to my spiritual awakening today?
    • How can I use the Word of God to enter the Presence of God?
    • Guided Meditation: “Come Lord Jesus, Come”

    Check Out What Other People Are Saying About Phil's Course

    I cannot thank you enough for sharing your incredible gift of teaching the path of meditation. I am still pondering the concepts you shared at the last workshop, and will be for some time. I really resonate with your teaching style and methods,

    D.M. , Holliday, Utah

    In reflecting upon your words I could once again feel the Truth of your message just as I felt in your presence. Thank you for sharing some very deep insights and tools. I made a commitment to devote time to my practice of meditation. I am deeply Grateful for the vessel of Light you are and that the Spirit touched my Heart through your words.

    S.O. Provo, UT

    I want to tell you again how much we enjoyed the meeting on Saturday. My spiritual life has gradually been getting stale the last few years and I am now so excited to be coming closer to God through meditation.

    G.P. Salt Lake City, UT

    Phil, the seminar was wonderful. It was so much fun and so insightful. You opened my eyes and touched my heart. I feel so empowered to undertake this inner path into the presence of God.

    W.G. Mesa, AZ

    I knew there was a doorway to a richer, spiritual life. Your seminar not only opened the door but gave me the hope and joyful expectation that I could be welcomed into the Kingdom of God.

    B.F. Sacramento, CA